Rain water for soap

Geplaatst op 20-8-2021

What is this strange machine and what does it have to do with soap making? At Kusala we have decided to start using rain water in our soaps instead of demineralised water that we buy in plastic jerrycans. This rain water is caught and collected by our circular colleagues at GroenCollect and they let us tap as much as we want. Then we use this maching to remove pollution and bacteria and viruses, so that we can safely use it in soap. This way we also help relieve pressure on the sewers and water purification, something that is becoming more and more important in these days with unpredictable and extreme weather events. 


Soap makers usually work with demineralized water because the minerals in tap water can cause the fats in the soap to become rancid more quickly which would lead to orange spots in the soap. Rain water is naturally soft water and therefore also perfect for making soap. But since most of us don't easily have the opportunity to catch and filter rain water, we usually buy our water in plastic jerrycans. At Kusala, we noticed that this quickly leads to a lot of plastic trash and we decided to look for ways to work with rain water after all.


Thankfully, there is a growing awareness about the problems surrounding rain water and options to catch and use it locally. Did you know that 2/3rd of the sewers in The Netherlands is mixed, and thus that rain water and waste water from households come together in the same waste stream? That means unnecessary pollution and purification of rain water. This needs to change! Now, there are already some initiatives. For example, since January 2020, the City of Rotterdam provides subsidies for its inhabitants to catch rain water and for greening their yards. In this way, pressure on sewer and water purification can be reduced and less clean drinking water needs to be used, for example for watering the garden in dry periods, or for washing the car.







GroenCollect is a business that collects multiple waste streams in various cities and makes sure that they are used for new products or biogas. They also catch and collect rain water in big tanks and Kusala was allowed to come by and fill up some jerrycans. However, rain water can contain pollution and bacteria and viruses, so we decided to buy a good waterfilter that can magically turn rain water into soft drinkable water that we can then safely use for soap making. With some assistance from smart BlueCitizens who have helped us connect the pump to the filter we could pump the water from the jerrycans to the filter and then collect in another clean jerrycan. To make sure, we tested the hardness of the water and that was 1dH, which means it was very soft! We still need to give the installation a good spot in the kitchen, but then we will never have to buy water in plastic jerrycans again! 


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